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Ancient Shouzhou Kiln Site  
The Ancient Shouzhou Kiln Site includes the five reserves of Guanzuiwen, Gaoyao, Hospital Ward, Pine Forest and Chexiaowan. The central kiln site covers an area of about 30 thousand square meters of a total area of about 160 thousand square meters. In 1981, it was proclaimed as a provincial key cultural relics and historic site under protection. In 2001, it was proclaimed as a national key cultural relics and historic site under protection. The firing of the Shouzhou kiln originated from the Chen Dynasty of the South Dynasties and ceased at the end of the Tang Dynasty, which lasted for about four hundred years. The variety of wares mainly includes pot, jar, bowl, pillow, ewer, calyx, toy and building materials, etc. The Shouzhou kiln is one of the seven largest porcelain kilns in the Tang Dynasty. It centers on the culture of the central plains of China and is supplemented with the culture of the south and the north. On the other hand, it also has local characteristics.