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Baba Temple  
Baba” means forefather in Arabic. Baba temple, also called “Sunlight Pavilion”, was built to memorize a great Muslim from Saudi Arabia for his wisdom and selfishness when preaching Islam in Langzhong city. Baba temple was built in Qing Dynasty and it has already had a history of over 300 years. Baba temple has become an Islamic building group that is seldom seen in China. It is composed of many pavilions and gardens, a Hill Gate, the Great Palace, memorial arches and so on. Baba temple, also famous for its favorable surroundings and splendid art of architecture, has attracted millions of pilgrims and tourists every year.  


(1) The Grand Brick-Carving Polished Wall

The 10-meter- long and 6-meter-high wall has a long history from mid-Qing Dynasty. It was well polished over 300 years ago and has been preserved carefully till now. Techniques of circular carving, hollow cutting and some other ways of carving had been perfectly used in creating kinds of beautiful flowers and trees, clear waters and green hill, pavilions and banisters in the wall.     

(2) The Great Palace

The Great Palace is the main building of the temple. It is the Palace housing tomb of the great Muslim Abdallahi. The round-roof palace is delicately carved and painted with beautiful pictures. It looks like a unique artwork. Behind the palace, there is a hall with many precious inscriptions, memorial arches, famous paintings and ancient pictures.