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Badachu Park  

Zhengguo Temple

Ba Da Chu, or Eight Great Sites Park, has been a very famous holy Buddhist place dotted with clusters of Buddhist gardens and temples.. These temples, gardens nestling in deep forest evoke a ambience of reclusion and relaxation. 


Chang'an Temple: The Chang An Temple, or the Temple of Everlasting Peace and Tranquility was built in the 17th Year of Hongzi, Ming Dynasty (1504) on the east hillside of the Cuiwei Peak.

Lingguang Temple: Built during the Tand Dynasty over 1,000 years ago, the temple is s the most important one among the eight temples. The inner abbot’s chamber of the Lingguang Temple enshrines one of the only two Buddhist teeth in the world.

Sanshan Temple:  Sanshan Temple or the Temple of Three Mountains is surrounded by peaks on three sides. During the reigns of Emperor Yongzhen, Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, the accomplished monk Datiantongli (Able to reach the heaven and understand the truth) used to preach and study here.

Dabei Temple: This temple is particularly known for the 18 arbats enshrined in its lobby, which was thought to be made by Liu Yuan – a noted sculptor of the Yuan Dynasty. The bone of the arbat sculptures contain the powder of the fragrant sandal wood, and the special scent is smelled today.

The Nunnery of Longquan or dragon spring:  Also called Long Wang Tang or Dragon King Tang, the nunnery boasts a clean spring named the Dragon’s spring in its courtyard. The spring water makes perfect tea and having a cup of tea here in the hot summer days is always option of many travelers.

Liu Chu Xiang Jie Temple: The largest one among the temple group,  this one was the place where the feudal emperor rest when they came here for worshipping the Buddha.  In teh walls of the temple buildings keep many handwrittings of generations of Emperors of the Qing Dynasty.

Baozhu cave or the Cave of Pearl:  The cave is the best place view the Sunrise as well as a good locale to have a  bird's-eyey view of sprawling city landscape of Beijing.

ZhengGuo Temple: this is the oldest temple here. A highlight of the temple is the  big old tree aged over 600 years.