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Badashanren Mimorial Hall  

According to legend, Wang Ziijn, the son the Emperor Lin in Zhou Dynasty, practiced alchemy here. In the end of Han Dynasty, Mei Fu, the governor of Nanchang County quit his job as an official and lived a peaceful life here. The later generations built Mei Immortal Temple to offer sacrifices to him.

Badashanren Memorial Hall is a museum for commemoration, embodying the function of collection, displaying, research and publicity. It has abundant collections. The original palace hall has been changed to be exhibition hall to systematically display the works and historical data of Badashanren as well as the excellent works of masters nowadays.

 Zhu Da

Zhu Da was the descendant of Zhu Quan, the son of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang in Ming Dynasty. Affected by the perdition of Ming Dynasty, he became a monk at first, turned to a Taoist later, and then secularized himself. Zhu Da was a famous painter and calligrapher in Qing Dynasty. His masterpieces Ink Lotus, Pine and Crane House, Eagle Standing in Trees and Deer are exhibited in the memorial hall. Some masterpieces of Niu Shihui such as Cat and Chicken are also exhibited here.