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Baihua Zhou  

Baihua Zhou consists of three small islands in the north, south and east. Its name could be traced back to Song Dynasty, when Xiang Zimai wrote the ci poem Butterfly Loves Flower – on Baihua zhou. It is famous since ancient times. Of the ten best sceneries of Yuzhang (Nanchang), there are two here, named East Lake Moon Night and Spring Vegetable in Su Garden. In the Saoxing period of South Song Dynasty, Nanchang governor Zhang Cheng practiced army with ships here in "Jiangwu Hall". In 1746, Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty, Jiangxi governor Peng Jiaping wrote the stele of "Baihua Zhou".

The pavilions and houses of Baihua Zhou have been destroyed, but the scenery here is still beautiful. In the north, it is near Daming Lake and embodies the beauty of water and flowers; in the west bank there is a garden with green plants and butterflies; in the south bank there is a small bridge over clear water and rounded with willows; in the east there are some low houses and walls, row upon row and strew at random. The whole place is still of the style of the places at the south of Yangzi River.