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Baiyangdian Lake  

Baiyangdian Lake is the largest fresh water lake in North China Plain. There are 146 lakes in large or small sizes. Among them the Baiyangdian is the largest one. Thus the name of the lake Baiyangdian comes into being.

The most attractive scene of Baiyangdian Lake is the water country. It varies with the seasons. In spring, the reeds cluster in the lake gives a green view of the lake. In summer, the lotus flowers begin to blossom to add beauty to the lake. In autumn the reed catkins wafts above the lake, which swarms with fishes and ducks. And in winter the lake is ice-locked and smooth as jade. The famous scenic spots include the Mandarin Duck Island, the Folk Island, the Lotus-Flower Dian, and the Nine-Dragon Pool and so on. In the Mandarin Duck Island you can take the cable car and overlook the green and rippling surface of water. The Lotus-Flower Dian really is a world of lotus flowers. In spring, the small lotus buds appear and disappear in the water. And in summer, the Lotus-Flower Dian is filled with numerous lotus flowers, which compete to blossom and give off fragrance. It is too beautiful to describe.

The reed mat in this region is long established a name of white skin with soft texture, such as the ‘Zhou Mat’ of Anzhou, ‘Huabian Mat’ of Guan city, and the ‘Small Margin Mat’ of Leitou in Bian village are all the top mats. They can be commemorated and are good for gift to relatives and friends.