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Beach Park  
Beihai Beach Park

Being one important part of Silver Beach National Tourism Resort, Beihai beach Park consists of three sections. In the eastern section, you can find houses related to musical instruments, chess, books and pictures. In the middle part is a marine and beach activity area while in the west is a marine biology museum, a children's swimming pool and a large open-air dance floor. The western section can accommodate 60 thousand of people to amuse them at the same time, where you can find the largest stainless sculpture Tide which is made up of 7 different shaped fairies standing on a huge steel ball with a diameter of 23 meters and a set of dancing fountain composed of 5250 spray heads. When the night comes, the dancing fountain will form colorful and fantastic scenery, with music flowing and water is flying among the whole park.

The park has a natural bathing beach, fast-food restaurants, barbecue place, beach volleyball court, beach football field and golf courses, in addition to an open air dance floor, children’s water-game garden and other amusements, such as motor boating, yachting and skating.