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Beidaihe Scenic Area  

Beautiful scenery of Beidai River

Beidaihe Scenic Area stretches for 13 kilometers from the Daihe river in the west to the Pigeon Nest and Jinshanzui in the east, and 2 kilometers from the Bohai Bay in the south and Lianfeng Mountain in the north. It is a famous summer resort as well as a recreational resort. Many leaders of the central government usually come here in summer to handle official businesses, why it is also known as the “Summer Palace”.

In Beidaihe Scenic Area, there are more than 30 bathing places close to the Bohai Bay. With its soft sand and good water quality it is an ideal place for bathing and sun bathing.

There are numerous places of interest and historic sites in Beidaihe Scenic Area, also known as the “24 Sceneries”. These include Lianfeng Mountain, Eagle Corner Pavilion, the Gully Leading to the Heaven, Camel Rock, Whispering Rock, Kwan-yin’s Temple, Statue of Weituo, and the Lotus Flower Rock Park. With the green mountains and blue waters, the rise and fall of the tide, and the variable weather, Beidaihe Scenic Area offers something for everyone.

Beidaihe Scenic Area has a pleasant climate with both mild winters and summers. The average temperature during the hottest period in the summer is only around 24íŠ. The air in the coastal area is also clear and refreshing, which makes it a perfect place for recreation and relaxation.