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Yangzhou has the most ancient section of Jinghang Canal. The clear canal water runs across the city with sites of ancient constructions on both banks. It even helps deliver the local customs and flavor of Yangzhou people.

Starting form the entrance of Yangtze River, there are ferries along river banks. One of the four famous temples— Gaomin Temple is located here. There are also many famous sites, such as Yangzijin Crossing of the famous Silk Road on the Sea in Tang Dynasty, Pagoda Gulf Dock from which Jianzhen, the famous Buddhist disciple, traveled to the east of the world, well known Puhading Mausoleum of Islam, and Zhuyu Gulf, the water shed between the old canal and the new one. The canal extends to the north and can take you to Gaoyou, the ancient post house, and Baoying, the hometown of lotus.