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Canglang Pavilion  

Canglang Pavilion

The Canglang Pavilion has the longest history and the deepest cultural connectation of all Suzhou gardens, as well as being listed for World Cultural Heritage.

During the fifth year of the reign of Qingli (1044A.D) during the Northern Song Dynasty, Su Sunqing was subjected to wrongful treatment and banished from the court. He was sent into exile so he purchased the abandoned garden which has been built by Sun Chengyou of the Five Dynasties in Suzhou.

The Canglang Pavilion is quite different from other gardens; it has the pool at its center. Suzhou gardens are surrounded by a tall wall, and people must step come into the garden through a gate in order to appreciate the beautiful scenery. The beauty of the Canglang Pavilion is not confined inside the tall wall. But uniquely includes the beauty of hills and forests of the city. The entire garden is surrounded by the clear flowing water so visitors can see the garden scenery without entering into the garden. Covering an area of about 10000 sq meters or 2 1/2 acres, the simple and tranquil garden is designed in an unsophisticated manner with the essence of its design characterized by the word "borrowing()". Visitors can view the scenery outside the garden through the leaking windows that are totally different in design and are unique to the Canglang Pavilion.

The three characters"ͤ( the Canglang Pavilion)" written by Yu Yue on the stone boat and the couplet on the pavilion column " the cool wind and the bright moon are beyond price, while the faraway water and the nearby hill both have affection." best reflect the distinctive Canglang Pavilion.