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Catholic church  

Catholic Church

St. Emil Church, located on Dexian Road in Qingdao, has been known as "The Catholic Church" by the local residents as far back as one can remember. St. Emil Church is also the city's largest Catholic Church, as well as its largest Gothic edifice.

The construction of St. Emil Church began in 1932 and was completed in 1934, covering an area of 2470 square meters. The red-roofed church is built of yellow granite and reinforced concrete, with a network of graceful patterns etched into its facade. Two bell towers showing off the red-and-yellow color scheme of the church soar to a height of 56 meters on either side of the main entrance, each tower housing a set of four large bells. When the bells are rung, the sound can be heard miles away, beckoning visitors as well as the faithful.

Reaching 4½ meters above the pointed roof of each bell tower, a giant cross completes the spire of each of the bell towers, and can thus be seen from a great distance. The main hall of the church, measuring 18 meters along its nave, is spacious and bright, and can seat a thousand worshippers. With its icons and its huge ceiling lamps suspended from the main hall's nave, St. Emil Church exudes an atmosphere of dignity and religious solemnity.

The special religious ceremonies of "The Catholic Church" in Qingdao, apart from the church's regular masses on Sundays, are many and diverse, and of course increase sharply on holy occasions such as Christmas and Easter.