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Chahanzhuoer Grassland  

Holiday Resort of Chahanzhuoer Grassland

Situated near the border of Hebei Province and Mongolia, the Chahanzhuoer G rassland used to be the encampment of the Wutai Mongolians 700 years ago. Now it is the only residence of Mongolians within Hebei Province, where the Mongolian language, characters, costumes and customs have been kept intact. The Chahanzhuoer Grassland occupies an area of more than 100 square kilometers, and is the largest natural meadow in Hebei Province.

You will be amazed by the natural scenery there with crystal clear sky, running brooks, singing birds, flourishing grass land stretching across thousands of acres, countless herds and flocks. It is the perfect place to spend the summer in.

Crystal clear lake waters lap shores in the middle of the grassland; it occupies an area of 35 square kilometers making it the largest salt water lake in Hebei Province. It is limpid and peaceful on a fine day, while mysterious with mist and seemingly mirage on an overcast day. It has a typical monsoon climate with average temperature of 19 degree Celsius in the summer. It is an ideal tourist destination to relax and enjoy a mild summer when elsewhere is broiling.