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Changchun Film City  

Changchun Film City

Changchun Film City is the first film theme park that is the combination of film and tourist industries in China and is known as "the oriental Hollywood". It was built borrowing the ideas of Universal Film Center and Disneyland.

Changchun Film City is a park with distinct screen culture and rich ethnic culture. It uses film and video programs as its carriers to uncover the mysterious veiling of filmmaking and to let visitors enjoy high-grade cinema art. It is not only a tourist resort of film and video, but also the new address of Changchun film studio. It has become a diamond of business in Changchun.

There are many main sights, such as four-dimensional cinema, water curtain stereoscopic cinema, laser levitation cinema, multidimensional ball curtain cinema, three-dimensional huge screen cinema, Yingshen Mountain, Outer Space Forest, Dense Forest Castles, Yin and Yang House, Bright Pearl of Century, Mofang Star City, Suspending Palace, Flying Dragon Palace, Crystal Mountain, Hero Square, Wonderland, Milky River Palace, Naughty Castle, Mysterious Ancient Tree, Blessing Spring, and Happy Island.