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Changqing National Nature Reserve  

Located in Yang County of mid southern slope of Qin Mountains, the reserve consists of forests mainly for the protection of giant pandas and their habitats, and nature reserve for the protection of wild animals. The whole tourist site covers an area of ten thousand hectares. At present, it has already passed the registration approve of international tourist organization for “Green World 21”, and has joined the organization of “Relationship between Human Beings and Ecosphere in China”. Because of its unique geographical location and ecological environment in forests, the reserve has nourished “ecology resources” with unique and diverse species, especially famous are the “Four National Treasures”---giant panda, golden-haired monkey, takin, and Zhuhuan. In particular, the national treasure giant pandas are densely distributed in the reserve. There are over 100 giant pandas. The possibility of seeing one is over 50%. Brown and white pandas have been found many times. The specific forest vegetation surroundings make the whether in the reserve pleasant, the air fresh, dust scarce, noise low, oxygen and minus ion rich, therefore it is a natural source of oxygen and provides tourists with an ideal place for recreation, summer resort, recuperation and health care. “Sunny days are like rainy days in the vagueness, and summer is like autumn in the coolness”. The views in Changqing Nature Reserve are characterized by its loftiness, coldness, grotesqueness, adventurousness, and picturesqueness, making it a place with unique ecological surroundings. Tourists can see green virgin forests, relaxed giant panda under trees, sparrow singing and flying in the forests, golden-faired monkey swiftly climbing trees, as well as high mountains, meadows, floating fountain, flying waterfall, red leaves in golden autumn, sunrise on the peaks of mountains, boundless mountains and sea of clouds. At present, the reserve has opened three tourist sites, namely, Yang ditch, Cang’er Rock, and Shanwang Temple. Tourists can watch Zhuhuan spreading their wings to fly at the rest house of Huayang Reservation Station at dawn and dusk in spring, summer and autumn. In age-old Huayang town, tourists can see ancient flagstone street with southern Shaanxi characteristics, old drama house, bamboo woods, small bridge, tile house, and so on. In addition, there are relics like the twenty-fifth headquarter during the long march, as well as fascinating legends. Tourist can enjoy natural beauty in the tourist sites and the changing state of plants in subtropical and warm-temperate climatic features, have a rest in pine wood garden, phoenix booth, and etc., see birds like red-abdomen bright and beautiful chicken, pheasant, white-coronal tranquil pheasant, red-mouth blue magpie, yellow-rear bird, green-mouth bird, and so on. Tourists can also view vertical strap of typical forests in southern slop of Qin Mountains, and also the main food of giant panda wooden bamboo in Bashan and arrow bamboo in Qin Mountains with distributional patterns with different altitudes. If you are lucky enough, not only can you see bamboo woods hermit giant panda in the tourist sites, but also various wild animals like strong and vigorous takin.