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Chengtiansi Temple  

Chengtiansi Tower

The renowned Chengtiansi Temple is located in the southwest of the ancient city Yinchuan, with its main gate facing east. There are four surviving buildings including Five Buddhas Palace, a pagoda, Weituo Palace, and Sleeping Buddha Palace. The palaces are spectacular and the ancient trees reach straight to the sky.

In the center of the temple is an ancient tower poking into the sky. That is Chengtiansi Tower, commonly called West Tower. With a height of 64.5 meters, it is the highest of the over 100 ancient towers in Ningxia. The gate of the tower faces the east. After entering it, you have to cross a passage 4.8 meters high to get into the tower room. Hung in each angle, the iron bells tinkle when breeze is blowing. The whole tower is tall and straight, simple and classical.

As a busy and crowded place of worship for Buddhists, it was one of the famous Buddhist Holy Lands in the West Xia Dynasty. But during the early Ming Dynasty, the temple was damaged due to war and earthquake. Later, it was renovated and then became one of the eight most famous sights of Ningxia. The temple and the tower were both damaged because of an earthquake and were rebuilt again in the Reign of Emperor Jiaqing in Qing Dynasty.

At present, it is well-preserved by the government and has become a key historical site under regional protection. Besides, a museum is built in the temple to show to the world the relics of history, nationality and military of West Xia Dynasty. Therefore, it becomes a good spot for people to perceive the passing history and feel the pulse of time.