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Chinese Folk Culture Park  
China Folk Culture Village

Chinese Folk Culture Park, adjacent to "Splendid China", is the first big cultural and scenic venue showcasing folk arts and Chinese customs in a  village setting. There are 24 such villages scattered around the Park, crisscrossed by streets and built on a scale of 1:1 on a area of 200,000 square meters. The design philosophy behind the folk-themed park was to stick to real life and amplify its beauty, keeping the good elements and discarding the bad.

Chinese Folk Culture Park exhibits many aspects of Chinese culture. Folk culture performances and folk dances and songs staged at the Park"s main theatre and the big show at the Folk Culture Plaza are a vivid reproduction of Chinese folk art. Since their opening to tourists, tourism programs such as the Carnival Parade of Chinese Folk Culture, Circle of the Four Seasons, Spell of China, Blue Sun, the Carnival Parade of Chinese Folk Culture Revisited and the Latest Emerald, are all being highly praised by professional Chinese choreographers as well as by the general public. They are seen as the epitome of Chinese folk culture, richly textured and poetically idiosyncratic. These performances take tourists on a journey of utter enjoyment of a carnival that is everything Chinese. Traditional festivals of ethnic Chinese peoples such as the Water Splashing Festival of the Dai People, the Torch Festival of the Yi people, Lusheng Festival of the Miao People and the Local Fair Festival are all celebrated here in a big way, which give tourists a good feast of local culture. The occasions are imbued with artistic elements and marked with passion and enthusiasm and are audience-inclusive. They are well organized, beautifully presented and visually splendid. China"s long history with its glorious moments is presented in its originality. The 24 folk-culture themed villages showcase the 56 Chinese ethnic groups along with their living folk customs. The wonderful performances in an artistically created harmonious setting have attracted tourists from all corners of the world.