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City of the art of war  

The city consists of 8 sightseeing sites, with a total investment of 500,000,000yuan, a controlling area of 7200mu, and a constructive area of 1100mu. The main building modeled after styles of Qing&Han buildings. The whole construction represents itself in antique and Chinese featured terraces, pavilions, spring wells. The beauty of the buildings consists in the zigzag paths with verdant bamboos alongside, in ancient cypresses and weeping willows which are joggling charmingly.

Wushengfu sits in the north, facing to the south. Occupying an area of 260mu, it stretches a length of 999m from south to north, and 88m from east to west, comprising 15 Sihe courtyards (traditional single-story houses with rooms around the four sides of a courtyard), with a southern and a northern square. The frame line of the buildings was vivid for incorporation of the architectures of Qin&Han style featured with high columns and overlapped eaves and traditional Sihe courtyards in northern China, highlighting the abstruse concept of Sunzi’s strategics comprehensively. Upon that, visitors can learn the profound traditional strategic culture during the process of sightseeing. The first hall of the 15 halls, Xudian gives a brief introduction to Sunzi. The 15th hall, Zeshidian illustrates the influence of ‘Art of War’ of written by Sunzi to the offspring. The 13 halls among the 1st and 15th demonstrate the ‘Art of War’, according to the order introduced in the book, and were named respectively by the stratagems they represent. Thirty six stratagems are displayed in western and eastern side rooms. Tourists can participate in the thirty six stratagems through games. From Cross the Sea under Camouflage (stratagem 1) to Decamping Being the Best (stratagem 36), all the stratagems appeal to people with great heartquake. The frame and structure of every halls and rooms are of distinctive and indicative appearance due to the sound, light, direction and other modern technologies to fully display the soul of every stratagem.