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Crag of Sunlight  

The Crag of Sunlight sits 92.7 meters above sea level on Gulagyu Island making it the focal point and symbol of Xiamen. Zheng Chenggong who recovered Taiwan form the Netherlands, once stationed his troops here, adding very exciting stories to the area’s history.

Tourists can climb ladders to the Crag’s summit so as to have a bird's-eye view of the whole landscape; Xiamen and Gulangyu Islands as well as Dadan and Xiaodan islands.

With rocks and stones of interesting shapes, natural caves, subtropical greenery and wonderful views, the Crag of Sunlight and Gulagyu Island have a very memorable and romantic flavor.

Some of the more interesting spots include: "a piece of tile", "dragon's cave at the Egret River", "Ancient Cave of Summer Resort (Gubishu Dong)", "Dragon's Head Hill Relics", "Platform for Training Sailors (Shuicao Tai)", and "one-hundred meter high platform". Generations of students have inscribed many songs in the stones, which add extraordinary charm and ancient flavor to the famed rock.

The "Ancient Cave of Summer Resort (Gubishu Dong)" is a cave with great features. Stone walls on both sides support the vast granite rock that drops down out of the sky. It is dangerously steep and gives you a sense of overwhelming force. The four characters "Gubishu Dong" are inscribed by Taiwanese student Shi Shijie of the late Qing Dynasty.

Passing through the cave and then turning left, you will see a pavilion named Umbrella Pavilion. Held up by what seems to be thin waist bones and having the top rock as a verandah; it is a shelter for tourists from sunlight and rain. On the top of the rock nearby there is a stone basin for spirits to wash their feet. It is filled with water all year round and there are footprints beside it… In fact, spirit's footprints and the feet-washing basin are sea-deposit landforms caused by erosion of the sea’s waves. These landforms appeared on the top of mountain due to the rise of the sea level.

Qin Garden is also especially worth noting. It is connected to the Crag of Sunlight via cable cars. It centers on modern entertainment projects, including an "Aviary Garden", "Cinema" and "Hero Garden", which form a combination of dynamic and static, modern and ancient together with the natural landscape of the Crag of Sunlight.

This scenic area also places special emphasis on environmental protection. In December of 1999, it passed the ISO14001 standard becoming the first national-level scenic area to pass this high standard in our country.

The One-hundred Meter High Platform is the highest peak of the Crag of Sunlight. Together with the round platform, it gives a spectacular view. Bathing in breezes, listening to waves, and looking far into the distance where water and sky are one color, you will have a joyous sense of carefree comfort and blend into the graceful and harmonious world heart and soul.