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Cuiyun Mountain Ski Resort  

Cuiyun (jade cloud) Mountain Ski Resort

Cuiyun(Jade Cloud) Mountain Ski Resort situated at Heping Forest Park in the northeast part of Zhangjiakou City in Hebei Province, 260 kilometers away from Beijing. In summer, the resort is heavily forested and resembles a piece of jade. Therefore, the name “Jade Cloud” came into being. The upper part of the resort is Mongolian grassland and the lower part is Guanting reservoir. The area is favored by Siberian freezing air; therefore it is always visited by snow and rain.

The main peak of Cuiyun(Jade Cloud) Mountain is 2100 meters above sea level and the average temperature of the resort in winter is between 15 degrees and 30 degrees under zero and the skiing season lasts for more than 5 months. Cuiyun(Jade Cloud) Mountain Ski Resort is distinguished by its charming scene, natural skiing run and high-level facilities. More than 500 suits of skiing equipment and 56 trails of different level are waiting for the tourists. What’s more, the Chinese doctors are always ready to cure the injuries at weekends.