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Damxung Ancient Cave Mural Paintings  
Damxung Ancient Cave Mural Paintings

Attraction Introduction This group of murals is located in several places. Most of them are found inside of the cave, sometimes outside on the surface of the cliff. There are more than 250 murals and the content including yaks, deer, horses, sheep, camels, wolves, leopard, human, trees, birds, hawks, sun, pagodas etc.

The presentation subjects are mainly about herd, hunting, shooting on horse, dancing, war etc. The way they painted can be divided into two kinds: painting in brush strokes wholly and outlining the shape of the subject roughly. The major color of the paint is red mineral color with a little black.

The discovery of the inside cave murals is the first in Tibet. This group of murals is not only large in amount, but also abundant in subject presentation. So this discovery provides most precious real materials for the study of Tibetan religious development, nomadism economy and culture, and also the ancient art style.