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Dragon Bay National Forest Park  

Dragon(Chinese Dragon) Bay National Forest Park

The forest park occupies an area of 6780 hectares, among which 227 hectares are covered by water, and the rest are of 1095 hectares. Inside the lake, ten attractions, namely, Delta Dragon Bay, Primary Dragon Bay, Prior Dragon Bay, Minor Dragon Bay, Eastern Dragon Bay, Southern Dragon Bay, Dry Dragon Bay, Jug Lake (waterfall), Golden Dragon Peak, Square Peak, contribute to a landscape of seven Bays, one Lake and two Peaks. In total there are 100-odd attractions here.

Dragon Bay is a lake resulted from the volcanic eruption in ancient world. The average depth of the seven bays is around 50m, and the deepest one reaches up to 100m. Bays here are like jades scattering in different shapes. With such numerous numbers, intensive distribution, diverse figures and perfect preservation, it ranks second to none in the country with no doubt.

One Lake refers to Jug Lake, which was also generated by the volcanic eruption. It is 10 meters high, with water falling at a height of 6 meters. The unusual feature is that one stream spray from the cliff like the water pouring from the narrow mouth of a jug. Therefore, the local people called it Jug Lake. The lake represents itself in splendid scenery and clear water. Two Peaks refer to Golden Dragon Bay and Square Bay-perilous peaks caused by the abrupt crust movements of the earth at an altitude of over 1000m. In addition to the deep and serene forest with unusual scenery, beautiful legends here make them more charming.