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Drum Mountain  

The Drum Mountain is 969 meters above sea level with beautiful scenery. It is the Buddhist place of interest in Fuzhou .In the hillside of the mountain there is an ancient temple named Spring-gushing Temple. The name was given due to the Luohan spring in front of the temple gushing out of the earth. The Spring-gushing Temple was initially built during year Kaiping , post Liang dynasty in Five Dynasties with the primary name "the house for prime minister". In song dynasty, it was endowed the name "Spring-gushing monastery of Baiyun summit "and changed to "Spring-gushing Temple"in Ming dynasty. In Qing dynasty, the emperor Kangxi awarded the golden paint tablet on which "spring-gushing temple" was written by himself. The present temple primarily maintained the construction style in Ming and Qing dynasty. The whole temple includes Tianwang palace, Daxiong precious palace, fatang and 22 other palaces and they were built along the mountain. There are two pottery towers of thousands of Buddha in front of the temple. The name are gained owing to the 1038 Buddhist sculptures on the towers which were burnt and folded stratified by pottery earth in the fifth year of Yuanfeng, Beisong dynasty.

Drum Mountain scenic spot has 160 sceneries which are centered in "Spring-gushing temple". The famous one "the eighteen scenes of Drum Mountain" is in the west of the temple. Although individual spots are decomposed due to sunshine and rain, most of the scenic spots can be viewed clearly and lively and almost each spot has a beautiful story to tell. Besides, there are more than 180 inscriptions on Mo cliff, which are famed for "gravestone forest of Fuzhou".

Cue for spot tour: annual ticket price:50 yuan per person( no limited times one year)