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Dumeng Grassland Flavor  
Nen River runs down the grand Yilehuli Mountain and irrigates a magic great plain in the middle part of Heilongjiang Province. On the hinterland of the resourceful plain lies Mongolian Autonomy County of Durbote. In the year 1956, Mongolian Autonomy County of Durbote was founded here. Since its foundation, people not only made efforts to develop but also protect, making the original physiognomy here be well protected. Now the grassland as smooth as a baby’s ass, reed marsh as large as tens thousands hectares of sea, lake groups with silvery waves, varieties of original secondary forests and pure and unsophisticated Mongolian customs are the unique tourists resources here. Durbote’s 4.60 million mu of natural grassland escorts you return the nature with the tune of rural area and pastoral song. Durbote’s grassland is a unique tourist holiday area which integrates the natural sights, folk customs and humanistic history.