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Erlianhaote Scenic Area  

The city of Erlianhaote accounts only nine square kilometers and is therefore called Xiuzhen (means small and lovely) City. The air is dry with the annual precipitation of only 142.3 millimeters. Landscapes here are quite characteristic.

Hungriness Grassland: this type of grassland is quite different from Representative and Meadow Grassland. It has more rosebushes but little herbage vegetation of Heben Family. Camels are greater in number than other animals here.

Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition and Site of Excavation: The dinosaur fossil excavated in Right Sunite Banner of Tongu’er Area is the largest and most integrate dinosaur fossil unearthed in Asia. It is 221 meters long, six meters high, and given the name Chaganzhuo Dinosaur.

National Gate:This is the geographical connection between Chinese Mainland and Mongolia, and leaves one with sense of solemnity. Tourists who want to tour the country of Mongolia can take relevant procedures here for a one-day cross-border tour.