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Fujian national forest park  

This attraction is integrated with science, art and appreciation. It is mainly composed of forestry area, plant nursery , greenhouse, gardens for special kind of plants and resting area. Among them,   gardens for special kind of plants are divided into cycad garden, palm garden, rare plants garden ,bamboo garden, wood garden, flowers and Bonsai garden and banyan garden scenic area. The gardens consist of nearly 3000  kinds of rare and precious plants from all over the country and 36 other countries and areas. There is a banyan tree in resting area which is said to be planted in year Zhiping, Beisong dynasty during plantation activity initiated by the chief of Fuzhou prefecture Zhangbaiyu. The old banyan has a chest measurement of about10 meters and a height of about20meters. The crown is like a large umbrella covering an area of over1300 square meters. The tree is regarded as "the king of banyan".