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Fuling Tomb  

Fuling Tomb

Fuling Tomb (East Tomb)

It is also called East Tomb due to its location on 11 kilometers above Mt. Tianzhu in the northeast of Shenyang. It is jointly called three imperial tombs outside Shanhaiguan with Zhao Tomb in Shenyang and Yong Tomb in Xinbin.

Fuling Tomb was firstly built in the third year of Tianchong period, in 1629, with a history of more than 370 years. Initially, it was called Taizu Tomb and Former Han Tomb and was renamed as Fuling Tomb in the first year of Chongde, in 1636 when the Qing Dynasty was established. The name indicates the wish that Qing Dynasty would be permanent. In the eighth year of Emperor Shun Zhi's reign (1651), the second emperor of Qing Dynasty, Mt. Ling where the Fuling Tomb is located is conferred the title of Tianzhu, which was once called Mt. Stone Mouth (another saying is Mt. Dongmou of the kingdom of Bohai Sea), the branch of Mt. Changbai. This name implies that Fuling Tomb, like a great pillar erecting to the sky, sustains Qing Dynasty.

There are altogether 30 memorial ceremonies every year, large or small. The large memorial ceremony was held on Qingming Festival (the 5th of the 24 solar terms), the Festival of the Dead Spirits (15th day of the seventh lunar month), the Winter Solstice (the 22nd of the 24 solar terms), and in the end of the year, while the small held on the first and fifth day of each lunar month. In addition, the large memorial ceremony would be held on the death day of the emperor or the queen. National ceremony was held there and the officials taking a post or passing by would also give a ceremony there. Kang Xi, Qian Long, Yong Zheng and Jia Qing successively make eastward inspection tours ten times, and held ceremonies in Fuling Tomb. After the downfall of the Qing Dynasty, Pu Yi (the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty) held ceremonies at times during the period of his own small dynasty (he renounced his throne, but continued to live in the Forbidden City, and was treated with enormous respect.) During the period of Puppet Manchuria, he himself once went there to hold the memorial ceremony.

The buildings of Fuling Tomb is grand and majestic with the air of patina and solemnity, of which pine forest in Mt. Tianzhu is one of the eight most famous attractions of Shengjing, and clouds in Mt. Tianzhu, one of sixteen attractions of co-capital. Other sights like Fishing in Longtan, Waterfall Hanging on Supernal Bridge, Bright Building after Rain and Sunshine on the Snow-covered Western Hill all enjoy great reputation. Though Fuling Tomb is smaller than Zhao Tom in scale, it is unique due to its two features mentioned above and beautiful surroundings. Therefore, people still have a keen interest to visit Fuling Tomb after go sight-seeing on Zhao Tomb. Now the area around Fuling Tomb has been approved to be Dongling Sanitaria.