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Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center  
Giant Panda Breeding and Research Centre

The Giant Panda Breeding Research Base is located on the mountain of Futoushan in the northern suburbs of Chengdu. The Giant Panda Museum is a unique site set up to show Panda related collections alongside scientific human achievement.  It houses numerous exhibits explaining and detailing the knowledge that has been attained through long years of research. Presently, the approximately 300 exhibits showcase rare, fine pictures, alongside scientific charts and monographs about the Giant Panda.

The Research Base shows many practical specimens of the Giant Panda, including fossils, dissected anatomical remains, diet specimens, etc. The Museum also has many large zoology scope-enclosures exceeding an area of 300 square meters.  These enclosures accurately represent the panda's natural environments in Qinling, Liangshan, Xiangling, Minshan, and Qionglai Mountain.The Museum introduces and details the Giant Panda's evolvement history, ancient and current distribution, their general situation, and the current state of knowledge and research being done by humans. This lets visitors understand the Giant Panda, and also shows the efforts made by the Chinese government to protect and save the beloved creature. Although the panda is endangered, the Base is proof that the Chinese community and the world are fighting to protect it and its habitat.

Of course, no visit to the Base would be worthwhile without seeing the pandas actually residing there!  Currently, the Base is home to over 20 pandas, and has excellent resources for breeding and nursing.  We recommend visitors arrive in the morning between 8:30 and 10am, during feeding time. Outside these hours it's likely the bears will be indulging in their favorite pastime, sleeping!