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Guanyin Cave Mountain  

The Guanyin Cave Mountain consists of 9 scenic areas including Cockscomb Hill, Panlong Hill, Erlong Hill, etc. there are more than 50 scenic spots.

Occupying an area of 7.26 square kilometers, this scenic spot boasts Odd Holes, spectacular Buddha, holy springs and precious trees.

The Guanyin Cave Mountain was firstly named as the Laomu Mountain. Thereafter, Yelu Bei, the princess of the Liao Dynasty hid himself in this mountain, so his mother, the empress named it Putuo Mountain and the cave Guanyin Cave.  


"The No.1 Buddha in Western Liaoning Province", namely the dripping Guanyin and other places of interest are the reoccurrence of the Dunhuang Grottoes. One can reach the highest peak by the 366-meter "Aerial tramway".