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Guiyuan Garden  

A picture of Mao

Guiyuan Garden, the residence of Kuomintang’s General Zhang Zhizhong, is located at No.65, 4th Zhongshang Road, Yuzhong area, covering an area of 7,00 square meters. The main building is made of brick and wood. There are two sweet-scented osmanthus trees located in an unattached yard with its front door facing the street. Guiyuan is the Chinese Pinyin of sweet-scented osmanthus, that's why people named it as Guiyuan Garden.

The Guiyuan Garden is famous for the history of Kuomintang-Communist cooperation and confrontation before the founding of P.R.China. In August 1945, Chairman Mao Zedong arrived at Chongqing for the Zhongqi negotiation, which was an important event in China civil war. General Zhang ZhiZhong arranged Chair Mao and Vice-chair Zhou Enlai to reside in Guiyuan Garden.

On the first floor of the main building, there is a parlor on the left, which is the place where Chair Mao and Vice-chair Zhou made negotiations with Kuomintang and signed the Double Ten Agreement in order to end the civil war and build a democratic regime; also a dining-room on the right where the two leaders of both parties treated friends and heads of mission from domestic regions and foreign countries. The offices and bedrooms are on the second floor. Now Photos and newspaper reports about the negotiation are shown to tourists.

Guiyuan was open to public at 1977, and became Chongqing's cultural relic reserve unit later in 1980.