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Hailar National Forest Park  

Hailar National Forest Park, covering an area of 210,000 Chinese acres, is the only national forest park in China focused on evergreen pines and was renowned as one of the Eight Scenic Wonders of Hulunbuir in Qing Dynasty. The evergreen pines, also called Hailar pines, are a variety of European red pines. The Hailar pines, renowned as “Green Queen”, are one kind of precious needle pines in North China. The Hailar pines with tall and sturdy tree trunks can resist coldness and drought. Therefore, Hailar pines are of great appreciation value thanks to their survival characteristics and biological shapes. Besides Hailar pines, there are over 60 kinds of wild birds mainly including the Mongolian larks, the woodpeckers and so on.

The Hailar pines stretch along with mountain ranges and scatter here and there. Ascending sand cities and peaks, visitors can boast a view of golden sand and green trees. Against the blue sky and white clouds, the ancient tall straight pines are like huge umbrellas, while the green young pines are full of vitality. The young and ancient pines with wild plants fix the sand dunes. Visiting Hailar National Forest Park in winter, visitors will feel carefree and happy when seeing the white snow and green pines. After wearing a ski, sliding across the pines, tourists can undergo an unforgettable experience.