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Hakka Earth Towers  

Yongding Hakka earth tower is a kind of unique and fantastic residential building around the world. Well-known for its long history, unique style, large scale, exquisite structure, varied functions and rich connotation, Yongding Hakka earth tower has developed a school of its own and been reputed as “a shining pearl of oriental civilization”. Now it is one of the eight tourist brand names in Fujian Province.

In the village, tourists will find over forty styles of earth towers, for instance, the magnificent style of “Round Tower Prince” represented by Zhencheng Tower and Wufeng Tower (mansion-styled earth tower), the classic style characterized by Fuyu Tower, the Potala-styled palace architecture featured by Kuiju Tower, the style of “Mini Round Tower” represented by Rusheng Tower, as well as other styles such as Tianhou Palace and the earth tower museum. They spread along the river in a dotted manner but with magnificence; they harmoniously co-exist with green mountains, clear water, emerald bamboos, arch bridges, mill wheels and farmlands, constituting a colorful and florid picture.

Now although time has changed, the Hakkas in west part of Fujian Province still retain their traditional culture and folk custom. For example, the dragon dance play, the lion dance play, drum beating show, holding religious ceremonies, lantern festival, Han drama, puppet play, Shifan folk music, stunt show by folk artists, greeting the bride and Hakka folk songs. All these demonstrate the colorful, unique and extraordinary flavor of Hakka folk custom and symbolize the endless pursuit of Hakkas for happiness and bright future. With unique glamour and elegance of Chinese civilization, the folk custom and cultural village is an excellent spot for travelers at home and abroad to tour, explore or seek entertainment.

The Zhencheng Tower is the best embodiment of “Integration of Heaven, Earth and Man”, an idea in the Book of Change, and therefore it is the earth tower which is built up according to the Eight Diagrams that tourists should never forget to take a look at. The magnificent Zhencheng Tower has exquisite structures and a lot of famous lines and couplets hung on columns of the tower. The scripts of great features, such as Sun Yetsen and Li Yuanhong, both of whom had gone abroad for study, are well retained. It is for this that the Zhencheng tower is crowned as “The perfect combination of Chinese Architecture with Western Culture”. In 1985, together with the architecture models of Tiantan and Yonghe Palace in Beijing representing Chinese ancient architecture, the appearance of Zhencheng Tower’s architecture model was a big hit in the international exhibition of architecture models in Los Angeles, America.

The Yongding Hakka earth tower museum has a collection of the production tools, pictures and precious cultural relics of Hakkas in different historical periods, embodying the long history and unique folk customs of Hakkas in an all-round manner.