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HK Convention and Exhibition Centre  
Hong Kong Cenvention and Exhibition Center

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre are located in the business center, Wan Chai District. It contains an area of 250,000sq.m. The center was the very place where British Government officially handed over Hong Kong's sovereignty to People's Republic of China. The monument and the bauhinia flower bronze statue (a gift from People's Republic of China to celebrate Hong Kong's return to the mainland) outside teh building complex immortalize that great historical ocassion. In addition, the three-storied arched house and wide glass curtain have become landmarks of Hong Kong. The convention and exhibition center is very large with hotel, office, shop and even house inside. All kinds of large-scaled exhibitions, business meetings and fashion shows have been held in it.

In addition, travelers can have a bird's eye view of the charming sight of Victoria Harbor at the Convention & Exhibition Centre.