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Huguang Huiguan  
Stage of Huguan Huiguan
Chongqing Huguang Huiguan (Huiguan means assembly hall) is located in Yuzhong District, which was established during Emperor Qianlong’s period of Qing Dynasty (1759). It covers a total area of 8,561 square meters. There are four Huiguan altogether: Guangdong Huiguan, Jiangnan Huiguan, Lianghu Huiguan and Jiangxi Huiguan.
Chongqing Huguang Huiguan has unique carving and relief embossment. It mainly focuses on showing the vivid pictures and patterns of the heroes and figures of Pilgrimage to the West, West Chamber, and The Legend of Deification. In Huguang Huiguan you can also appreciate many fancy pictures of all kinds of animals and exotic plants.

After entering the Huiguan, you will get a full view of complex and delicate ancient buildings, which represent the architectural style of old-time southern China. These are the biggest ancient buildings still existing in China. You will enjoy varied sorts of special wall styles of the Huiguan, which used to be a very common yellow-fire wall in Ming and Qing Dynasties. This kind of wall shaped the whole Huguang Huiguan in "L" style, which will bring a shocking visual impact to you.

At the same time, you can enjoy the grand Yuwang Temple. Chongqing Huguang Huiguan is truly a good place for visitors.