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Iron Pagoda  

The Iron Pagoda Park takes up 51.24 hectares, 9.62 of which is water area. Stepping in this park, you can see Potted Landscapes Garden, Top Pagoda Stone Tablet, Sukhavati Memorial Gateway, Quiet Garden, Conjuncture Hall, and Iron Pagoda successively. To make the history of Iron Pagoda better understood by tourists, Iron Pagoda History & Art Museum has been built. Besides, there are delicate small gardens, Bamboo Garden, Plum Garden, Enjoyment Garden, to name a few.

Tie (Iron) Pagoda, originally named Kaibao Temple Pagoda, also named Linggan Pagoda or Shangwen Temple Pagoda. Built of brown glazed bricks, the pagoda looks iron-colored from a distance, thus getting the name-Iron Pagoda. This 900-year-old pagoda has weathered various disasters, namely wars, floods, earthquakes. It has attracted renown as the best pagoda in China.