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Jiaogang Lake Scenic Area  

The Jiaogang Lake scenic area has convenient traffic as the national highway 102 runs along its domain. The Jiaogang Lake is noted for “water”. It forms a unique tourist golden triangle of mountain, water and city together with the beautiful Bagong Mountain in the east and the famous historic and cultural city of Shouxian in the south. The scenic area has beautiful environment and pleasant climate. It not only has water landscapes, such as Shallow Bulrush Lake (the heaven of birds), Shallow Lotus Lake, Immortal Couple’s Lake, Fishery Sightseeing Garden, and beatniks, etc, but also leisure items, such as fishing beside the lake, exploring in the Shallow Bulrush Lake, taking a boat to pick water chestnuts, playing with birds in the lake, seeking pleasure from the fishermen’s house and driving a boat against the rolling waves, etc. There are also special products such as Jiaogang Lake red duck egg, pure and fragrant fish in rice wine, plain live fish, crystal sweet dumpling and five-spiced dog flesh, etc, and beautiful legends such as “Immortal Couple Ascending to the World”, “Black Dragon in Adversity”, “Sacred Monkey Searching for Treasure” and “Zhao Kuangyin Besieged in the state of South Tang”, etc. It can be called a virgin land of ecological tourism, which is located in a secluded place and not known to the outside world. In July of 2004, the Maoji Experiment Zone was given the title of “National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Spot”. In February of 2005, the Jiaogang Lake tourist area was evaluated as “the Demonstration Spot of Happy Farmhouse Tourism in Anhui Province”.