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As the landmark of Guiyang, Jiaxiu Tower is also called the First Scholar's Tower. Originally built in 1598 in the Ming times, the tower is magnificent and unique, and is of great culture significance in Guiyang.

In ancient times, many intellectuals studied very hard for the scholarly honor or official rank in feudal China. In order to encourage them, the local majesty ordered a tower be built and conferred on it the name of Jiaxiu (the First Scholar). The name literally means getting the very best in imperial examinations. Thereafter, three number-one scholars honored Guizhou successively. Rumors said this was because of the blessing of the Jiaxiu Tower.


Jiaxiu Tower is a three-storey tower of 20 meters high. It is renowned for its layout with three carved eaves supported by a stone pillar. Located in water, connected by the Fuyu Bridge (Floating Bridge) at two banks, Jiaxiu Tower looks spectacular.

Green tiles, red pillars, engraved windows and white stone parapets make the tower superb and striking. Ascending the tower you can get a good view of the surrounding scenery. Most impressive is the night scene of the tower. Colorfully decorated with lanterns, reflected in water, the tower looks so beautiful that people may feel as if entered a fairyland.

A cultural as well as a historical relic, Jiaxiu Tower houses the authentic works and paintings of many ancient calligraphers. The most famous one is the couplet written by Liu Yushang in the Qing Dynasty with 87 words in the first and the second line respectively, which can compare in beauty with the Big Guan Tower in Kunming.