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Kashgar Old Town  
Kashgar Old Town

Kashgar is sited west of Taklamkan Desert at the feet of the Tianshan mountain range and is a oasis.

On a high precipice of yellow soil in the southeast of old city Kashgar there is a small alley of Uygur residents referred to as Kuo Zi Qi Ya Bei Xi (a place for earthenware producers) in Uigur with the intention of soil earthenware on high precipice."

This outcrop of several hundred meters in length on the highest position in Kashi has been occupied for more than two thousand years. It is said that Ban Chao and Di Gong, famous generals in Eastern Han Dynasty, once lived here. More than 2,450 people of 603 families, all of whom are of Uygurds reside here.

The residential area has a long history and most of ancient houses have existed for a few centuries. Most homes are handed down from generation to generation for over 300 to 400 years. The structure roof, walls, doors, windows and colors remain unchanged for centuries. One home often reflects the history of a clan which is full of fertilities, developing, vicissitude and descendant continuance.

Many homes are passed down through seven or eight generations. Due to the Uygur's strong belief of ancestors some large houses have up to 20 rooms on two levels. In wing-rooms on either side of the main dwelling several generations live in the same courtyard which is actually the realization of four generations under one roof.

Visiting the small alleys and knowing Uygur characteristic residence culture, you can enjoy and experience the culture and history that is contained in the small alleys and deep courtyards. In the alleys on platforms besides the residence marvel at the even more ancient primitive workshops for hand-made earthenware.Some17or18 antique workshops have been restored.

The location of the platform residence is called "Kuo Zi Qi Ya Bei Xi (a place for earthenware producer)"in Uigur meaning "earthenware on high precipice". The unique homes and antique soil earthenware workshops on soil precipice have become the two tourist attractions.