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Lebagou Rock Paintings  

Lebagou Rock Paintings located on the bank of the Tongtian River in the region of Yushu Prefecture. Walk alone the small mountain path on the bank of Tongtian River to come here and the noise and grandness of Tongtian River contracting to the quietness and holiness of the Lebagou Rock Paintings will give you to two totally different experience. Lebagou Rock Paintings are caved on the rock facing the river and is lying at the entrance of the Lebagou ravine. The verdant plants here can not hide the mysterious atmosphere diffused by the Rock Paintings and the numerous Mani stones that scatters everywhere in the ravine. From the Sakyamuni figure made in the late period of Tang Dynasty at the entrance of the ravine to the Mani stones carved now, you will see the whole caving history of the Tibetan religion.