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Liuye Lake Holiday Resort  

Liuye Lake Holiday Resort is located at the northeast of Changde City. There are Sun Mountain in the north and Yuan River in the South, being the conjuncture place of Changsha, Mount Heng, Mount Shao and Zhangjiajie. In June 1994, it was approved to be provincial-level holiday resort. In April 2001, it was authorized to be national AAA scenic spot.

The holiday resort gathers city, lake, mountain and island. Liuye Lake is 2.5 kilometers from city area. It has a programming total area of 44.96 square kilometers, among which the water area is 21.8 square kilometers, three times as big as West Lake.

In the northeast of Liuye Lake, there are Sun Mountain and Moon Mountain. In the mountain, there are more than 1300 kinds of trees, such as sub-tropical evergreen tree, pine tree, bamboo, camphor tree, among which 33 kinds are rare plants under national protection. Near Liuye Lake there stands Baihe (white crane) Moutain. Between April to Sep., thousands of white cranes, aigrette, widgeon and squawk paddle in Liuye Lake. Liuye Lake gathers many rare animals. It teems with fresh water fishes, with a variety of 54 kinds, among which willow leaf crucian carp, willow leaf whitebait are very famous.