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Longji Terraced Fields  
Longji Terraced Field in Guilin

Longji Terraced Fields is in the Heping town in Longsheng, a 2 hours drive from Guilin. The terraced rice fields, like ladders, wind from the bottom of the mountain to the top. The elevation varies from 380 meters to 880 meters with a drop of 500 meters. First built during the Yuan Dynasty, these rice fields were built with the determination, sweat and blood of generations of people. It is a testimony to the ingenuity of agriculture in mountainous areas. These fields are often belt-shaped, narrow and long, most of which are only wide enough for two rows of crops. The largest patch is only one Mu. There are about 66 square kilometers of terraced fields in southeast Longsheng.

People living in this region are mainly Zhuang minority. Their villages dot the rolling terraced fields. The two most visited villages are Huangluo Yao Village and Yinshui Dong Village.

Huangluoyao Village£şThis village is well known to the world because the women who live here have unusually long hair; some so long that they touch the ground. This fact has been recorded by the Guinness General Headquarters. The reason why their hair can grow so long remains unknown. Some of these women have travelled outside their villages to show off their beautiful hair. On sunny days, they can be seen in groups of two or three at the bank of the Jinjiang River, washing their hair. This makes for an interesting folk picture.

Yinshui Tong Village£şThis Dong ethnic village lies in a mountain valley. The village has a long history dating back to the ancient Tang Dynasty over 1,000 years ago. Early in the Tang Dynasty, the Wu family of Tong nationality moved to Longsheng and settled here. After generations, the village has grown. Many, many people have settled here and enjoy happy and carefree lives. At the rear of the village is a temple frequented by many worshippers. The village is filled with wooden houses.