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Longjiang Three Georges National Forest Park  

Heiongjiang Three Georges National Forest Park is composed of Taipingou Wood Working Field, Wangyunfeng Skiing Field, Jiayin Rivermouth, Famous Mountain Island, Dulu River Moisture Land, etc. It has an area of 8659.2 hectares. It is an excellent ecological tourist spot backed by Jie River, crayon, forest, ice snow, moisture land and humanistic history, and is especially famed for the Three Georges of Jie River in the Sino-Russian border that is reputed as having the view of Yangtze River, the fine scene of Li River and the imposing of Min River. It is the most miraculous and the most special natural gallery of landscapes in the tourist scenic line of Heilongjiang. At the same time, it is the golden tourist place of interest in the tourist zone of Heilongjiang. There are heaving mountains at both banks of Three Georges of Heilongjiang, with towering ancient trees, slow-rising rosy clouds and clear water. The park is also a natural forest with abundant varieties of trees and is the nation’s second largest woods of Korean pines. There are precious wild animals such as river deer, roebuck, bears and deer, etc. there are also plants such as mountainous wild cabbages and medicinal material, etc. It is a moisture land with vast area of pervasive marshes and overgrown reeds. Dozens of precious birds such as red-crowned cranes, black stork, egret swans, stay here.

The park consists of the tourist area, hunting area, skiing and entertainment area, central area of reception service and area of ecological protection. Among them, the north part of Luobei area in midstream of Heilongjiang , i.e.Luobei part of Heilongjiang of Sino-Russian Jiejiang, has a length of 145.6 kms. From Jinmantun downward (to south) to the border of Suibin, the total length is 95 kms, mostly plains. From Jinmantun northward (upper ward) to the river mouth of Jiayin , the total length is around 50 kms with both banks of hills and valley areas. The rivers of the southeastern foot of Little Xing’anling and the southwestern foot of outside Xing’anling all flowed into Heilongjiang, which increases the water potential and discharge. Besides that, the mountain ravines, well-protected ecology and clear water lead to the beautiful scenery of three Georges of Longjiang with the narrow valley, rapid water reflected mountains and water. The Three Georges of Longjiang starts westward from jiajin river mouth at the border of Luobei and jiayin, and ends at the foot of Guntuling of Xingdong, Taipinggou. The total length is 45 kms. The water of Heilongjiang divides the inner and outer Xing’anling into half, which forms three parts of valleys that are Longmen George, Jinlong George and Jinman George. In Jinlong George, there are three little valleys included, that are Longtou George, Longteng George and Longfeng George. Therefore, the unique landscape of “Little valleys in large valleys, valleys in valleys” is showed, which is the most miraculous, most converging, and most special natural galley of landscape in Heilongjiang tourist landscape line.

Introduction to the scenic spot

It has a length of about 5 kms from river mouth of Jiayin to the new river mouth village of Taipinggou. This part of river is much narrower with the narrowest of a little bit more than300 meters and the water depth of around50 meters. There are soaring mountains and rapid streams in the river. At the side of the river, the woods are luxuriant with abundant fishes and shrimps in water.

Jinlong George

Jinlong George starts northward from New River mouth, ending southward in Guzhen of Taipinggou. The total length is about 30 kilometers. This part of valley has a wider river distance with the narrowest about 500 meters and the average depth of 20 meters or so. The striking feature consists in its winding of mountains and rivers and woods of birch. It is said that this part of valley was the long-living place of the black dragon .Due to the favorable weather and fit land for heroes, the body of the black dragon was becoming fatter and fatter so that it filled Heilongjiang. With the sliding of black dragon, the mountains of both sides were squeezed into a zigzag shape, which formed three little valleys, that is Longtou George, Longteng George and Longfeng George respectively. The valley is famous for the wonderful sceneries of “Little valleys in large valleys, valleys in valleys and connected with one another.”

Jinman George

The George is centered on Guntulinglizi with an upper and lower distance of 5 kms. The whole length of the George is about 10 kms. The George starts from Taipinggou village at the top and ends at the river mouth of Taiping River south of Guntuling, so it is called by some people as “Taipin George.”