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Lou Lim Iok Garden  
Lou Lim Iok Garden

Located at the intersection of the Avenue of Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida and the Old Rolly Avenue, Lou Lim Iok Garden is the only famous Suzhou-style garden in Macau. The site of this garden was formerly a farmland and vegetable field, and then bought by the rich merchant Lou Wah Siu (also called Lou Kau). And the son of that merchant Lou Lim Iok began to build the garden according to the advice of Lau Ji Luk (a famous architect in Xiangshan, Guangdong Province). Later on Lou's family suddenly became impoverished, and the garden was under transaction by several businessmen. By the early period of the 1970s, the government of Macau bought it back and undertook some renovation the garden was open to the public from then on, becoming a good place for the public to take a rest or visit.

Lou Lim Iok Garde -quite delicate in style is the reminiscent of the Suzhou garden.  In the garden, there are pools and stone mountains, bridges over flowing streams, pavilions and towers with their shadows reflected in the water, narrow and zigzag corridors, etc. You will absolutely be fascinated by the fantastic Jiangnan (the south and central China) landscapes in the garden.

Stepping into the garden and walking through an arch door, you will see a bamboo thicket, among which there are two trees with beautiful shape and huge-umbrella-like tree crowns. Those are Sphaeropteris lepifera (a rare kind of tree in China), which are listed as one of the second class important protected plants of China.

Stepping forward into the forest trail and walking through a man-made stone cave, you can get to the Chuncao (spring grass) House, which is a residential house on the water. The house was uniquely built to be magnificent with elegant surroundings. Outside of the house is a pool with lotus planted in it, and there are also carps and turtles. If you watch carefully enough, you will find a stone statue of Kwan-yin in a corner of the pool. Nowadays, the Chuncao House has become the very place for the Home Affairs Department of Macau to hold public cultural activities and exhibitions.

Walking forward from the Chuncao House, you can get to the Zigzag Bridge, behind which is a Chinese style pavilion, and besides the pavilion is a stone mountain with a flowing waterfall, people used to call it Exquisite Mountain. You can climb up to the sightseeing deck on the top of the stone mountain, from where you get a panoramic view of the garden.