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Luhuitou Park  

Luhuitou Park


Luhitou Park is located on a small peninsula on the southern tip of the island of Hainan, which itself lies below the mainland Chinese peninsula that forms the southernmost point of Guangdong Province.* Hainan Island, which fittingly belongs to Hainan Province, corresponds to China's southernmost point.

Luhuitou Park itself is situated on Luhuitou Mountain near the seashore, about 4 kilometers from the city of Sanya, the island's second-largest city, not its capital (that privilege is held by the city of Haikou... Sanya, in the meantime holds a more enviable privilege: it is China's only tropical city). The main peak on Luhuitou Mountain ("Luhuitou Hill" might be a more apt designation), which is synonymous with Luhuitou Peninsula, has an altitude of 275 meters. The "hill"/ peninsula/ park gets its name from the fact that it is roughly in the shape of a deer that is looking back over its shoulder.  There is a very romantic local Li nationality legend (besides the usual mix of Han Chinese, Hui, etc. (Hainan Island was a place of exile – a sort of Siberia, or Limoges – during China's imperial past), there is a large contingent of Li and Miao nationalities on Hainan Island) which explains how this phenomenon came to be, but that story is best told by the natives themselves.

Luhuitou Park has numerous winding paths offering refreshing strolls with some spectacular views. The panoramic views from "Luhuitou Hill" are perhaps the best reason to visit the peninsula. There is also an observation station here, named after Halley's Comet, and a number of other scenic sites such as Monkey Mountain, Deer House, Turtle Heaven, Immortal Pond, and of course the 9 by 12 meter statue commemorating the aforementioned romantic "Deer Looking Back" legend. And then there is the island's food specialty that can be tasted everywhere: the red coconut.

In Luhuitou Bay below one can go scuba diving. Here one will find a whole range of colorful fish in all sizes, as well as the usual coral scenery and other fascinating underwater treasures that are only found in a tropical climate. And speaking of climate, Hainan Island is regarded as having the best climate in all of China, and its air quality is second only to that on Hawaii, which ranks as the best air quality in the world. Sanya is also known for its laid-back atmosphere. All of which makes a visit to Sanya and Luhuitou Park the perfect holiday destination for everyone from the solitary hiker in search of a bit of not-so-rugged solace to honeymooning couples in search of a beautiful, unhurried setting in which to celebrate their union.


* Guangdong Province is roughly in the shape of an Alladin's lamp with the tip of its spout turned down (or, less romantically, it just looks like an old-fashioned faucet, or maybe like a special, elongated can for applying oil by drops). In any case, this lamp/ faucet/ oil can looks like it is ready to apply drops on Hainan Island, which lies just below it in the South China Sea, with the Gulf of Tonkin to the west of the island. The shortest point between the city of Sanya on the island's southernmost tip, which is the jumping-off point for visiting Luhuitou Park, and mainland Vietnam is the city of Hue, just north of Da Nang.