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Macao Wine Museum  
Macau Wine Museum

Macau Wine Museum, inaugurated on December 25, 1995, aims to showcase the development of traditional Portuguese brewery. The 1400-square-meter museum collects over 1115 branded wines, of which 756 are commercial and 359 are collectable. Premium wine ‘Martle’ released in 1815 is the oldest vintage in the Museum.

The Museum has three sections that devote to the introduction of the history of wine industry of Portugal, wine collections and wine exhibits. These sections take tourists on a historical journey of wine making, grape growing and a journey of discovering brewing tools of yesteryear and modern time. Tourists are offered to taste some 50 varietal wines of recent release and a chance to appreciate well-acclaimed big-name brand wines.

Portuguese costumes featuring their regional characteristics are also donned on mannequins for display in the Museum.