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Macau Museum of Art  
Macau Museum of Art

Managed by the Home Affairs Department of Macau, Macau Museum of Art is an important part of Macau cultural centre. With a total area of about 10,192 square kilometers and a total displaying area of nearly 4,000 sq. km, this museum is the largest art and relic museum in Macau.

Being a historical city, Macau is famous for the main distinguishing feature of oriental and western cultural exchanges. The art museum was designed to display this kind of fusional culture, and to make the visitors feel the unique atmosphere of culture and art.

The museum is a five-storey building with five displaying rooms and two exhibition halls, including the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Room and the Chinese Pottery and Porcelain Room on the 4th floor. And there are European paintings and Macau local works of art displaying on the 3rd floor. A large special exhibition hall is located on the 2nd floor. The first and the underground floor were respectively set up with different exhibition halls, displaying different kinds of works of art or historical relics. In the museum, visitors can have a glimpse of the culture and art of different historical periods in different regions and nations.

Besides, there is a lecture hall on the first floor, inside which more than 100 people can be seated. The hall is equipped with various lecture and multimedia facilities. Lectures, movie festivals, courses of art and archeology will be held in the lecture hall every year, enriching the cultural atmosphere of the museum. A souvenir shop is also located on the first floor, from where you can buy the Macau characteristic books or gifts for your families and friends. There is a multimedia library on the ground floor, possessing numerous written books and audio books of art and culture for you to read and hear. Free internet service is also available for the readers in the library. Most interestingly, visitors can appreciate more than 500 classical Chinese or foreign movies in the audio-visual room. What's more, there are workshops on the ground floor, being the place for holding many kinds of art activities or children art training courses.