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Memorial To Liu Shaoqi  

Kaifeng Liushaoqi Memorial is situated on Beitujie street in the downtown area of Kaifeng city. This is the place where the former Chinese president as well as one of the architects for this nation Liushaoqi spent the last 27 days of his life in 1969. It is a very important place for people to learn about the life of the former Chinese president as well as the history of China in 1960s.

Liushaoqi was born in central China's Hunan Province in 1898. Actually his home town was quite close to the hometown of Chairman MaoZedong. He joined the Chinese Communist Party very early and gradually became a leader of the party and worked hard with Chairman Mao during the revolution and at last founded the People's Republic of China in 1949. However during the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s he was unfortunately persecuted by the Gang of Four and at last passed away in Kaifeng city in 1969.

This is a small courtyard which used to be the office of the local government. Nowadays inside the building there are displays of pictures about Liushaoqi and other state leaders as well as some clothes and different utensils liushaoqi had used when he was living here. The room in which Liushaoqi was living and passed away is now just the same as before. People can learn much about the details about that part of history here.

After this building was converted into a memorial place of LiuShaoqi , many leaders of this country have visited here and called on the whole nation to learn from the spirits and merits of the former president, such as love the country , serve the people heart and soul, and so on.