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Millennium City Park  

This park was constructed according to the famous painting Going Upriver for Qingming Festival by the Northern Song Dynasty painter Zhang Zeduan. It reproduced everything painted in the painting by the ratio of one to one. So it is a large-scale historical and cultural theme park following the Song Dynasty style. This park occupies more than 500 mu, 150mu of which is water area, and owns over 50 boats and 400 rooms of the Northern Song Dynasty flavor, forming the largest ancient Song architecture group in the Central Plains area. Stepping in the park, you can see flourishing grass and trees, listen drum, and appreciate Song Dynasty style.

In the park, everything is arranged in accordance with Gonging Upriver for Qingming Festival and follows Song Dynasty's style. So tourists can see what was the popular in the society at that time, such as tearooms, taverns, pawnshops, china workshop, Spring Festival pictures workshop, folk fun games, vaudeville, pan drum, fortune-telling, gambling, cock fight,etc. Of course, you can wear Song Dynasty's clothes and take Song Dynasty’s coin to enjoy the customs of that time.