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Mountain Gate Tourist Resort  

In front of Mountain Gate tourist resort there is a half-split mountain gate, so it got the name of Banla mountain gate. The tourist resort is consisted of Xinhua Mountain, Derentang Mountain and Mountain Gate Reservoir, which takes Mountain Gate Reservoir as its center and radiates to all directions. Layer upon layer of peaks and knolls, the mountain ranges comprised each other. The pine and cypress trees are also very lush and dense. The lucid Longwang and Chongwang Rivers wind into the mirror-like wide lake. Mountain Gate tourist resort boasts its natural forest, in which ancient trees reach the sky, birds contend to singing, butterflies flying over the bushes, wild animals tramp all round. There are also over tens of precious medicinal materials, flowers, abd wild grass. Refreshing and fragrant, you will feel so comfortable in the forest that you will forget to return. In early spring, the apricot flowers, on Xinhua Mountain to the west of the lake, will attract numerous bees and colored butterflies. Shimen Mountain, Tortoise Rock, Shengxian Cave and Mudan pavilion are also worthwhile to visit.