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Mt. Everest ( Qomolangma )  
Way to Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest, also known as Mt.Qomolangma, meaning Goddess Third in Tibet, is the highest peak in the world. The 8,848 meters (29,028 feet) high peak, snow capped throughout the year. The North Col of Everest is located in Tinggri (Shegar). Massive glaciers and seracs feature a thrilling splendor. The peak has been a holy climbing attraction for world's mountaineers. In recent years, more and more mountaineers start from the Everest Base Camp trying to conquer the world's highest peak while tourists trek to the foot of the peak to enjoy its beauty. Around Mt.Everest, there are four peaks above 8,000 meters high, including Mt. Makarluh, Gosanthain, Zhuoyo, Shishabanma and other 14 peaks above 7,000 meters, which form an amazing picture of Mt.Everest Natural Scenery Area with jokuls, peaks groups, and mountain waves.

Location: Located at the border between China and Nepal, its North Slope belongs to China and south belongs to Nepal. Mt. Everest lies at the borderline, about 100 kilometers far away from the Sino-Nepal Road. There is no regular bus from Shigatse or Nakchu to New Tingri(Shagar), so you'd better charter a car from Shigatse to New Tingri(Shagar) County. The road to Mt.Everest is at the crossroad of the Zhangmu Sino-Nepal Road from New Tingri(Shagar) to Old Tingri County. After 11 kilometers along Sino-Nepal Road, a sign of Mt.Everest Protection District will appear in front of you, not so Mt. Qomolangmaclearly shown. And also from here you'll farewell the blacktop and get ready for a bad road with lots of small seasonal streams. During rainy days, the cars are often trapped in the muddy road. For the first time lots of the tourists often take the wrong direction to go straight and arrive in the Old Tingri. You may have to pay attention to the road sign and don't get confused. Attraction of Fastigium of the Earth, reputed as the Third Pole of the Earth is a must for travelers.