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The Qingxiu Mountain, also called the Green Mountain, is  honored as the the 'green lung' of Nanning. With majestic hills and peaks, green trees and beautiful scenes, it was among the eight famous scenes in Nanning. Records have that temples and pavilions had been built on the mountain during Song and Ming dynasties, such as Baiyun temple, Changshou temple, Gudu temple, Qingshan Mountain, Dongquan pavilion, Dongxu pavilion and Longxiang pagoda and so on, but all had been destroyed in fire or in war. Now, composed of 18 mountains and hills like the Qingshan Hill and Phoenix Hill, the Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Spot has an area of, 14667sq.m of it being water and 25000sq.m being green area, and its peak has an altitude of 289 meters. In the area, ridges and peaks are rising and falling, mountains and hills are green, spring is clear and rocks are wonderful, it is famous for mountains not high but beautiful, waters not deep but clear. As a key spot for development and exploration, in Nanning, besides preserving and repairing the old relics like the Dong Spring, Carving on the Jieqing cliff, Shixiang Shrine, new spots like the Tropical Rain Forest Park, the Palm Park and the Thai Park. The last one is designed by architects from Thailand, as a spot built in the project of cultural communication between Nanning city and Kongjing city in Thailand. Since the garden is of Thailand style, visitors can experience for themselves the exotic favor here. Also, the newly built gate is unique and magnificient, which attributes a lot to the scenic spot.

Longxiang Pagoda

On the top of the mountain stands a pagoda called Longxiang pagoda or Qingshan pagoda which is the symbol of the Qingxiu Mountain. Firstly built in Wanli period of Ming dynasty, it had 9 stories, 2 stories being destroyed by lightening later. But the whole building was blasted off because the government thought it was the target of Japanese fighter planes during the Anti-Japanese War. It wasn’t rebuilt until mid 80’s, preserving the architectural style of Ming dynasty characterized by green pills and bricks and eight-square eaves. The diameter of its base is 12 meters and it has 9 stories of 60 meters in height and 207 steps, being the biggest and highest pagoda in Guangxi. From the pagoda, visitors can view the sight at a distance of about 20 li, overlooking the whole city.

Tianchi and Yaochi

 On the mountainside are two big manmade lakes - Tianchi and Yaochi which show up to advantage with the green trees on the mountain. Water of Tianchi is sparkling in the sunlight, and the green pines, blue sky and white clouds are mirrored in it. The Yiqi pavilion and Panque pavilion built on the small island in Tianchi are the best places for tourists to have a rest. Tianchi and Yaochi, together with green trees covering the whole mountain, enable the Qingxiu Mountain become a huge natural air resistor and the green lung of Nanning city.